Toto Toilets


Toto is an American rock band. The band was founded in 1977 in Los Angeles and features members such as Steve Lukather, David Paich, Joseph Williams, John Pierce, Robert “Sput” Searight, Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, and Warren Ham. The group has had a number of hits, including the hit singles I Wanna Dance With You and I Want You Back. Its lineup includes some of the greatest names in rock music.

The company’s toilets come with a variety of features including heated seats, automatic lids, and adjustable water pressure. They are also designed to reduce the risk of accidents or overflow. These models are popular in Japanese homes and businesses, and can also be found in high-end restaurants, such as Odo in New York City and N/Naka in Los Angeles. They are also featured in many California restaurants, from the famous Olive Garden in Santa Rosa to the SingleThread Farms in Healdsburg, California.

The company sold 40 million Washlets last year, cementing its cult status as the world’s most expensive toilet. In the fiscal year ending March 2017, TOTO had revenues of $311 million. The brand has toilets in high-end establishments like the Shangri-la hotel in London to the business class bathrooms on Boeing 777. In New York, you can even find Toto toilets in the Louvre museum. You can find them in most Japanese restaurants.

In addition to being a popular bathroom accessory, a Toto toilet is also considered to be a luxurious one. Its ultramodern design has led to several TV and movie adaptations. The Muppets’ original film, “The Wizard of Oz,” was adapted for the television audience. A Toto VeggieTales episode was named after the character. In the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Tin Man, Toto was a shape-shifting human. The actress Blu Mankuma portrayed Toto in the sci-fi series.

TOTO is also a popular Japanese toilet. Its price tag is about $6000, making it the most expensive toilet in the world. The standard Washlet, on the other hand, costs about $2500. The Neorest NX is a futuristic-looking toilet, fired in a kiln to create the form. It incorporates every TOTO technology. Its high-end counterpart, the Neorest NX, has a $6,000 price tag.

Aside from being a familiar face in the book, Toto also has a starring role in a telefilm adaptation of The Muppets’ “Wizard of Oz.” It is played by Pepe the King Prawn. Another popular VeggieTales episode is named Toto. It has a Bichon Frise as its main character, not a black Cairn terrier.

While Baum didn’t mention the breed of Toto, he did say the dog was black with small black eyes. Those are details that can be found in the book, but the real Toto is a fictional character. He is not a real person. He was created in 1917 by Kazuchika Okura. The first edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published in 1900. The book was later adapted to many films, including The Wiz (1978) and Return to Oz 1985.