Etymology: What’s The Difference Between Casino And Hotel?

There are few places in the world as enjoyable as Las Vegas, home to the grandest and most luxurious casinos. Gambling is the single largest industry within Las Vegas’ legal framework and with that comes a wide variety of different types of gambling, including everything from high-stakes craps matches to online lotto rolls. Virtually every type of casino can be found in Las Vegas, and the city is famous for churning out hundreds of winners in just about every casino game possible. Yet many visitors to Las Vegas do not realize that many of their favorite places in Vegas can also be purchased for a low cost or even free of charge!


Gambling has always been a big part of Las Vegas, dating back to at least the turn of the century. The earliest casino to draw the attention of serious gamblers in the West was the Colorado Springs Sands Corp., which opened what is now known as the Colfax Casino inighterly in Springs. The Colfax Casino was one of the first Nevada gambling establishments to offer amenities such as slot machines, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and even instant poker! Many of today’s biggest and best-known casinos got their start in Las Vegas, and the city continues to churn them out today.

Las Vegas is also home to some of the biggest and brightest celebrities in America, making it a favorite among people of all ages. This is partly because Las Vegas offers something to everyone: entertainment, adventure, tons of casinos, great food, shows, and gambling. As such many gamblers flock to Las Vegas each year to see that gambling hot spots are worth visiting and which aren’t. Additionally, because Las Vegas offers such a huge selection of high-quality gaming experiences, its reputation as the place where “they did it once” actually has some truth to it. After enjoying many of the casinos and classy dining establishments in Las Vegas over the years, many people take their trips to the famed gambler’s haven of Sin City with some degree of apprehension, mostly because they’re afraid to lose money.

Despite this, it’s important for prospective gamblers to understand that Las Vegas is still one of the most lucrative gambling destinations in the world. After all, these days’ Las Vegas casinos are offering an increasingly varied range of casino games, including live bingo, internet poker, big jackpots, progressive slot machines, exotic gambling games, and much more. This wide-range of casino games is the one thing that set Las Vegas apart from many other casinos across the country – and it’s this diversity that allow Las Vegas to attract such a high volume of visitors. In addition, the fact that Las Vegas is home to such a huge number of casinos means that it has established a reputation as being the most challenging casino destination in existence; with hundreds of people playing a wide variety of casino games at any given time.

In order to keep this enormous traffic flowing, it’s imperative that players learn to make the best use of their time while in Las Vegas. Although it’s often said that the more people you meet and the more you socialize, the more fun you’ll have overall, this is simply not true in Las Vegas. Players who are strictly single or who do not know anyone else can easily find themselves spending most of their time in front of a blackjack or craps table, without interacting with anyone else in their environment. In this way, without proper casino etiquette, visitors may find themselves wasting hours of time that they could otherwise be spending playing some of the more exciting card game varieties at home.

As an aside, it’s important to note that there is a difference between etymology – if you’ve been to Las Vegas, then you may have been exposed to the term “elevator” – which is essentially the modern equivalent of the Spanish word “levada”. “Elevator” comes from the French term “levasse”, which roughly translates to “high elevator”. Today, most people have a pretty good idea of what the difference is, but etymology tends to get lost in all the confusion. So next time you find yourself in a hotel near the Las Vegas Strip, just ask the person you’re sitting with (or should probably be sitting next to, in case you’ve taken the elevator) what the difference is between a casino.

Types of Video Games

Games are an excellent way to relax and de-stress after a hard day’s work. Many people don’t realize how much fun many games can be, and they can even be a fun way to interact with friends or family. The type of games you choose should depend on what you enjoy. Some common types of games include:


“Pay-to-Play” Games – These are the most popular games on most platforms, because the games are designed to cost you absolutely nothing to play, yet provide great entertainment. In pay-to-play games, players usually use electronic chips to pay real money to play. There are even some games that require more specialized equipment, including the Kinect. Most pay-to-play games require regular updates to keep the game fresh. In many cases, if you want to access new in-game content, you’ll have to pay again for it.

“Non-Pay-to-Play” Games – Often referred to as “free games,” non-pay games fall into two basic categories. They are either browser-based arcade games (sometimes referred to as “browser games”), which typically revolve around action or puzzle gameplay, or hybrid online multiplayer games (like Mabinogi and DayZ) that let you play with other players over the Internet using your own dedicated game console. As the name implies, most non-pay games are free to play. However, you can typically only play them while you have online access to a computer that has a web browser. For example, if you’re on your school’s network, you can usually play web games such as Webcams or Mine Craft.

“Flash” Games – Often confused with flash movies (which are actually a subset of video games), flash games generally involve some kind of interactivity or puzzle gameplay. A popular example of a flash game is Angry Birds, which lets you attack birds by dropping buckets of water on their heads. The game progresses by adding fuel to the birds’ tanks, so that they can fly up to a certain altitude. Different types of flash games involve various forms of interaction, and many can be played in the privacy of your own home.

“Idle Games” – Though often considered a subset of video gaming, idle games include games where you do nothing at all. These are especially popular with younger children, since their attention span isn’t as developed as that of an adult. Many of the best examples of idle games include Tetris and other classic arcade games. While some people believe that idle games include simply sitting around twiddling a pencil or fingers, there’s much more to it than that.

“Adventures” – Another type of video game genre is adventure games. In an adventure game, the goal is to achieve a particular goal by moving from one area of a game environment to another. For example, in Golden Eye, the player must move through an open cave system, collect items, and progress through a series of increasingly difficult challenges before being able to complete the game. This type of game has become especially popular among adventure game enthusiasts and continues to remain a staple of the gaming industry. As the variety of platforms increases, adventure games will continue to enjoy a strong fan base among players who appreciate a challenging gameplay and a beautiful environment to explore.

The Concept of Beauty in Art

Beauty is often defined as a mental or physical trait that generates pleasure in the person who views it. For example, seeing beautiful sunsets is pleasurable, but seeing sunsets from an airplane is not. Beauty is subjective, and while there may be some agreed-upon general characteristics of beauty, such as facial features or hair forms, beauty is usually taken on an aesthetic level, and depends on the viewer’s point of view and personal preferences. Beauty is often associated with the culture and social class of an individual and is often seen as a universal standard.


Beauty is also commonly defined as the quality that makes objects pleasant to see. These objects may include sunsets, landscapes, humans, works of art and objects created by other cultures. For aesthetic purposes, beauty is the central theme of aesthetics, one of the most important branches of aesthetics, and one of the most important fields of study. In the broadest sense, beauty is considered to be the essential characteristic of all things. In this way, beauty defines art as well, since art itself is an aesthetic creation.

The idea of beauty is not a static or natural concept, as many philosophers have argued. In fact, beauty is not subjective at all, but is dependent on the observer. Just because something is pleasing to your eyes, does not mean that it is pleasing to other people’s eyes. Beauty relies on the human mind to interpret and appreciate beauty. Therefore, beauty is subjective and depends on the point of view of the viewer. However, beauty is considered to be in a class of its own, independent of culture and nationality.

The three broad theories of beauty are rational, emotional, and aesthetic. Within each class of theories, there are a range of definitions and interpretations of what beauty actually is, and beauty ideals. Each theory of beauty has its roots in the mind of the beholder.

Most people believe that beauty lies within the beholder, existing in him/her directly and not needing to be consciously appreciated. Others believe that beauty exists only in the mind of the creator. Still others believe that beauty is an objective quality that can be found in the product or service that an object is given by its creator, and that the beauty in the object simply reflects the value that the creator sees in his/her creation.

In general, then, beauty is defined as an aesthetic experience that is based on the point of view of the beholder. This may vary from individual to individual and even from culture to culture, though some basic principles hold true regardless of culture and nationality. For example, beauty can be considered to exist when a work of art causes an aesthetic experience that is pleasant to the individual who beholds it. If it causes such a pleasant experience that it leaves an aesthetic after-image, then beauty is considered to have been attained.

House Edge and Casino Staff

A casino is an establishment where one can play card games, poker, slots and other roulette games. It is usually a separate establishment from the hotel, which is why there is a separate entrance for players and also for the staffs. Casino hotels are usually equipped with gaming machines and other facilities to help gamblers have fun. A casino hotel is usually an establishment consisting of several casino resorts with temporary sleeping accommodation provided in an off-site hotel. Most customers get the advantages of both hotels and gambling facilities together. Since both the casino and hotel are situated on the same property, a player’s needs are provided for right in one place.


The casino floor has all the gaming devices and also dealers. The dealers are the people who deal the winning combinations for the customers. Usually a casino will have a minimum number of dealers, which should be around four. But if a casino is big enough, they might need more dealers. There are different types of dealers for different casino. There are house dealers, whose task is to deal with the customers as an individual and then assign a ‘house’ or group of dealers for a specific casino.

Apart from the regular dealers, there are machines like video poker machines, slot machines and blackjack machines which will be available in some casinos for the convenience of the casino goers. But, most of the times you will see slot machines and video poker machines on casino floors because these machines will help attract more people to the casino floor. The dealer will always work by counting the cards that are dealt from left to right, from front to back. When a player wins, the dealer will inform him and give winning combination.

Blackjack and video poker machines will always be found near entrances to the casino as it will attract more people to go inside the casino. But, the floor operators and other dealers can be found on casino floors because they will help deal with the daily blackjack and gambling transactions. Some dealers might hold the winning combination for an overnight players. In this kind of situation, the casino owners will have to change a lot of blackjack and gambling machines according to the number of visitors and the day.

As mentioned above, there are casino hotels that do not hire any of the casino employees including the house or floor workers. Only the gambling addicts or gamblers will be allowed to enter the casino hotel with their own personal game devices. This is because these casino hotels do not make any money from the gambling activities of the visitors. The gambling addicts are those who make bets based on luck and not based on the strategy.

In some cases, the casino owners will have a house advantage as the casino dealer that works alone will have lesser house advantage compared to the dealers who are working as part of a team. These house advantage dealers have the skill and knowledge that they can bet the casino more than their opponents. However, if the casino owner will have less house advantage, the gambler will still have a slight edge over them. This means that the casino owner should hire professional dealers with proven record in the business. After all, it is important to get the gambler support staff to help in the casino operation.

5 Fun Fact About Computer Games That You Should Know


5 Fun Fact About Computer Games That You Should Know

In the world of video games, individuals tend to use a controller or a keyboard to control what’s going on a computer screen, including televisions and computer monitors too. In computer card games, players utilize playing cards with controllers. There are also games that use your own body movements, like the Kinect.

However, not all video games require the use of a controller, and not all video games which utilize your own body movement require you to sit down and play a board game. Typically, many board games require that players use a mouse, or an arrow key to maneuver their piece, or a joystick, or a keyboard. Many of them require you to be on top of your game too, by using a special device, like a ballast. Other board games use a simple push/pull system for moving your pieces around the board.

There are a number of different types of video games. Some of these genres include action, arcade, strategy, time management, racing, adventure, word-power, hidden object, sports, simulation, shooting, puzzle and countless others. For each of these genres, there are specific gameplay elements which differ from one game to the next. As an example, the action video games may have the same objective, the same storyline, and even the same characters, but the differences lie in how the gameplay is handled. One example is the shooter, where you shoot down everything that gets in your way.

In addition to the variation of games genres, there are two other categories of which we should mention that fall under the umbrella of “interactive fiction”. These include turn-based and real-time. A turn-based game is one in which you direct your character through a series of steps as they move on the screen. On the other hand, a real-time scenario involves interacting with a third party within the game itself.

When it comes to video games, there are so many genres that have emerged over the years. One of them is the RPG (role playing) genre wherein you play the role of a protagonist. Another one is the FPS (first person shooter), wherein you are tasked to do battle with hordes of zombies. Then there’s the RTS (semble, attack, defend) genre wherein your goal is to achieve supremacy over opponents map using a series of commands and build up your civilization. On top of that, there’s also the sports genre wherein you either participate in actual sports or wage virtual wars and build your civilization. Finally, there’s the casuals’ game that falls under both the action and time genres where you either do simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, or shopping.

Despite the fact that there are so many genres in gaming, they all have one thing in common – they all are very engaging. This is why many computer games still have strong replay value because players can try again to be triumphant. This is why even if a game has been released a long time ago, its popularity still holds. There’s simply no other type of entertainment that can compare to games that involve strategy, creativity, and skill in their application. That is why it is important to understand the basics behind different types of gaming before jumping into the bandwagon and getting yourself hooked on one of them.

Beauty and Social Media

Beauty is the judgment of beauty according to a standard that applies to all objects regardless of their differences in size, shape, form, color and value. Beauty is also commonly defined as the personal quality of such objects, which makes these objects enjoyable to see. Such objects may be natural, man-made or works of art. Beauty, along with personal preference, is the most important topic of aesthetics, among the various branches of natural philosophy. It is also closely related to temperament and psychology.


The word beauty has many different meanings. For some people, beauty could mean being thin, unattractive, young, pretty, elegant and smart. For other people, beauty could mean an attractive body shape, lovely skin, beautiful eyes, smiling face, beautiful feet and hands. Some people could also define beauty as an overall feeling of well-being and happiness, and could possibly be considered beautiful because they possess those qualities.

Beauty is very subjective and depends on our own social expectations. For some people, beauty means having a big butt; for others, it could be long legs; while for some, it could be broad shoulders and abs. With the advent of fashion and social media, beauty has become very important to many individuals. However, many still believe that beauty is a natural attribute, something that can’t be improved, instead of something that we achieve through hard work and careful preparation.

One way to measure beauty is through the runway performances of some of today’s most popular and best-known beauties. Wekke is a famous Chinese street food that are often mistaken to be a Chinese vegetable, and is a very popular item of food among Chinese and Taiwanese people. In fact, many Taiwanese actually refer to We’re as “rice porridge”. On the other hand, several international beauties such asizonara became popular in their appearances on the ramp of the famous Paris Fashion Week. They have been portrayed as inspiring acts by their audiences, and they have become instant classics.

Beauty is also judged by the social media presence of an individual or her fashion brands and products. The various social media sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook are great ways to stay updated with the latest beauty news, and you can also find out who the new trend of the season is. Many people comment on social media to share their opinions and reactions towards beauty. This is a huge advertising method for cosmetic companies, since these people are continuously exposed to their ads and marketing messages on a daily basis. As this form of advertisement continues to grow in its presence and popularity, more people will start seeing beauty in different ways, making it easier for the beauty industry to promote their products and gain profits from them.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, everyone can benefit from beauty tips and ideas. If you have some extra money, you can set up your own fashion boutique that offers different types of services. For those of you who don’t have the money, there are numerous free resources available online such as beauty tips, hairstyle videos, photos, and runway styles.

Choosing The Best Casino: What Is A Good Casino Game To Play?

A casino is a place of business for people who gamble or do sports betting. Casinos can be privately owned by individuals or corporations. A single casino is usually located close to an area where there are restaurants, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, cruise ships, etc. The most popular types of casinos are internet casinos, land-based casinos, video poker, slots, table casinos, family casinos, high stakes gambling, and progressive slot machines.


In a casino, gamblers play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, slots, video poker, electronic roulette, keno, or koi fish. Casinos employ live gamblers and computer systems to determine the odds of each game. Gambling odds are not always in the casinos’ favor. For example, in a state lottery, the jackpot amount advertised may not be the actual prize amounts, because the lotteries are funded with local property taxes. In Las Vegas, state funds cover much of the cost of operating the city’s casinos.

There are some countries, such as Macau, that prohibit casinos. In Macau, all gambling is done indoors, inside special rooms called ‘casas.’ In the United States, Las Vegas is the only U.S. city that allows casinos, so the majority of Americans gamble at online sites such as play money websites and sports books. In most European countries, the government considers gambling as a social responsibility. In most of these countries, the government regulates most of the casinos, including their location, number of tables, interface with the financial system, services and rules they operate.

In a casino, gamblers play against each other. In most casinos, games are separated by gender, such that girls are not allowed to play with boys or vice versa. In a Monte Carlo casino, men get together with women, and the house advantage is greater than 10 times that of an online casino. If the player wins, he takes home the winnings plus the house advantage, which mean that the casino pays out more than the player did when he or she won the original game.

Most European countries have a section of the law that prohibits gaming in private places such that gambling houses and similar establishments are prohibited. This is why gambling is generally not allowed inside of houses or apartments in many of these countries. The main article of this law is that the gambling should be carried out in a legitimate establishment and that the public should be prevented from being influenced by advertising or promotion.

In most of the European Union member states, gambling is banned. However, some of these countries, such as Malta, have made some changes to the law, allowing some gambling, particularly online gaming, within the houses. The main EU guideline on this issue is that the casino should be licensed by a national government. An accredited casino will be recognized by the gambling authority as providing a safe and fair environment for all prospective customers. Gambling should be carried out in an honest and reputable manner by licensed establishments, and players should avoid placing their personal information or money in these establishments.

Memancing Ikan Di Air

Dengan memancing ikan dimanapun berada kita bisa merasakan kenikmatan sensasi strike yang kita dapatkan sebagai pemancing sejati. Karena dengan hal sepele saja sudah bisa membuatkan kita bahagia sejadi jadinya apa lagi mendapatikan ikan ikan besar yang kita incar incar selama ini. Maka itu kita jangan sesekali untuk melewati peluang memancing ikan bagi pemancing sejati, karena aktivitas memancing ini memang sangat jarang sekali kita bisa melakukannya karena banyak sekali faktor faktor yang menghambat kita memancing ikan. Maka itu luang kan sesekali untuk memancing ikan karena dengan memancing kita bisa membuang stres dan unek unek terdapat dipikiran kita. Apalagi anda memancing ikan di laut dengan sekelompok teman baik anda tentunya hal ini menjadi pemancingan yang sangat seru sekali dengan di iringi dengan becanda.

Namun hal ini tidak bisa dapat dilakukan semua orang karena populasi manusia hobi mancing hanya 20% saja dari indonesia karena orang orang indonesia tidak selalu suka dengan memancing ikan maupun di laut atau air tawar. Ada yang bilang memancing ikan memang sangat membuang waktu seharian, tetapi ia tidak mengetahui betapa nikmatnya mendapatkan strike walaupun ikan sekecil jentik saja. Tetapi hati kita sudah sangat bahagia sekali dengan adanya ikan yang bisa bisa landed kan. Yuk belajar memancing ikan dari sekarang juga supaya dapat menikmatinya.

Sicbo Online di Prematicplay Memang Terbaik Se-Indonesia

Seperti Anda yang ingin merasakan banyak kemenangan judi online, pastinya dengan bergabung ke pragmatic play akan lebih banyak keuntungan dan kemenangan yang bisa dirasakan. Setiap kemenangan judi online di sebuah judi online akan sangat banyak andilnya, salah satu andil terbesar dari sebuah judi online adalah situs dimana Anda memainkan judi tersebut.

Judi online memanglah sebuah hal yang tidak akan bisa membuat Anda kaya dengan instan, namun dengan adanya permainan judi online ini Anda bisa mendapatkan uang dan hiburan secara bersamaan. Hal seperti inilah yang tidak akan mudah didapatkan di zaman seperti sekarang ini, makaknya dengan adanya permainan judi online ini membuat hiburan dan uang bisa didapatkan secara bersamaan.

Di zaman seperti sekarang memang, permainan judi online ini bisa menjadi alternatif hiburan untuk Anda yang tidak bisa bepergian jauh. Hanya dengan berdiam diri dirumah pun Anda bisa mendapatkan hiburan dengan mudahnya. Bahkan, Anda tidak perlu lagi pergi kemanapun untuk bisa dapatkan hiburan karena pada dasarnya judi online ini bisa dimainkan dimanapun Anda mau.

Semakin banyak orang yang ingin merasakan keseruan dari permainan judi online pastiinya akan sangat menyenangkan juga. Apalagi sekarang sudah banyak permainan yang bisa dimainkan di internet, dengan semakin banyaknya permainan judi online yang bisa dimainkan ini menjadi bukti sekarang Anda sudah tidak usah lagi bermain judi di luar rumah, cukup memainkan dari rumah Anda bisa mendapatkan banyak pilihan permainan.

Judi Sicbo Online Indonesia

Seperti yang sudah kami sampaikan tadi, jika ada banyak judi online di indonesia. salah satu permainan judi online terbaik dan juga bisa memberikan banyak hiburan untuk memainkannya ialah judi sicbo. Sicbo merupakan salah satu permainan judi online zaman dulu yang sampai sekarang masih banyak dimainkan, bahkan sekarang peminat dari permainan ini semakin banyak.

Dengan banyaknya bettor baru yang meminati judi satu ini, ini menjadi bukti hiburan juga akan Anda dapatkan dengan mudah dari permainan dadu ini. Judi dadu terbaik memanglah salah satunya ya sicbo online ini, apalagi dengan semakin banyaknya bettor maka akan semakin naik nilai taruhan tebakan dari permainan ini.

Judi sicbo online merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak permainan tebak-tebakan di indonesia, pastinya akan sangat seru jika Anda memainkan judi. Judi sicbo ini, dalam bahasa indonesia biasanya disebut dengan judi koprok. Tentu saja, dimainkan dengan menggunakan 2 dadu tapi untuk sicbo online Anda bisa memilih taruhan yang ingin dimainkan.

Situs Sicbo Terbaik di Indonesia

Untuk tempat memainkan judi sicbo online di indonesia ada banyak, salah satu tempat terbaik ialah situs demo pragmatic play. Situs ini akan memberikan Anda sebagai bettor banyak kelebihan, dengan begitu Anda bisa memainkan sicbo online dengan lebih tenang dan juga akan semakin banyak kemenangan dan juga kesenangan dari permainan ini.

Semakin banyak bettor yang memainkan sicbo ini maka akan semakin menyenangkan juga permainan ini. Apalagi di situs prematicplay, Anda bisa mendapati lebih dari 800 bettor setiap harinya bermain judi sicbo online, karena situs ini merupakan salah satu situs judi sicbo online terbaik di indonesia bahkan di dunia.

Kenapa Permainan Sicbo Online di Situs Prematicplay Dikatakan Terbaik?

Di indonesia memang ada banyak situs judi online terbaik di dunia, salah satu situs judi terbaik yang bisa Anda dapatkan ialah prematicplay. Di situs ini, Anda bisa merasakan banyak sekali judi online bahkan lebih baik dibandingkan dengan beberapa situs judi online lain. Salah satu permainan yang lebih baik dibandingkan lainnya ialah sicbo, kenapa sicbo di situs ini jauh lebih baik dibandingkan dengan situs lainnya?

  1. Lebih Adil Dalam Menyediakan Permainan

Alasan pertama kenapa sicbo online di prematicplay ini bisa jauh lebih baik dibandingkan dengan situs lainnya adalah karena sicbo di situs ini jauh lebih adil dibandingkan dengan kebanyakan situs lainnya. Apalagi situs ini merupakan situs professional, sehingga permainan lebih adil akan Anda rasakan.

  1. Variasi Taruhan Yang Diberikan Jauh Lebih Banyak

Lalu alasan kedua kenapa prematicplay ini menyediakan sicbo online yang lebih baik ialah karena variasi taruhan lebih banyak. dengan lebih banyaknya variasi taruhan, maka akan membuat permainan sicbo yang dimainkan akan menjadi lebih menguntungkan. Seperti yang sudah kami sebutkan sebelumnya, semakin banyak taruhan maka akan semakin menguntungkan bukan?

Dengan permainan judi online yang santai dan juga jumlah taruhan yang lumayan, pastinya membuat permainan sicbo ini menjadi lebih menarik. Apalagi Anda memainkannya di situs terbaik dan juga dengan berbagai bonus yang disediakan, pastinya akan banyak keuntungannya. Oleh karenanya, jangan sampai salah pilih tempat untuk memainkan sicbo online, pilihlah prematicplay sebagai tempat Anda bermain sicbo online.

Cara Memancing Ikan Dilaut

Halo sobat angler tentunya anda ingin sekalikan memancing ikan ikan besar dengan sensasi strike yang begitu nikmat. Kini bisa saya sarankan kepada para angler sejati yang bisa bertahan dengan mabuk laut yang lumayan kencang. Karena jika kita menaiki sebuah perahu untuk memancing dilaut tentunya sangat ada sekali potensi untuk ombang ambing karena dengan ombak ombak yang ada di perairan laut. Hal ini yang bisa membuat anda mabuk sekilas jika menaiki perahu untuk memancing dilaut. Hal hal yang bisa anda gunakan untuk memancing ikan dilaut adalah meminum obat serai jamu untuk anti mabuk saat berhadapan dengan ombak ombak yang ada pada depan kita.

Selain cara anti mabuk, kini saya akan menjelaskan cara memancing ikan dilaut dengan benar supaya para angler tidak akan merasakan boncos saat memancing dilaut. Cara cara dari rakitan anda tentunya harus sesuai dengan kondisi air laut bila air sedang pasang maka rakitan anda harus fell to fell yaitu 3 leader yang harus di ikat secara bersamaan supaya kuat dengan tarikan ikan dan tidak terdampar air laut yang begitu deras. Lalu jika anda berhadapan dengan ombak kecil maka rakitan pancing anda harus fell on fell artinya bahwa 1 leader yang anda butuhkan karena air yang sangat kecil sekali dan tidak kemungkinan bisa dibawa arus.

Dengan rakitan 1 leader tentunya akan memudahkan para pemancing yang sedang memancing dimanapun berada, karena dengan 1 rakitan para pemancing bisa mendapatkan keringan saat memancing dimanapun. Lagi pun kita akan lebih mudah bisa menandakan ikan sedang menyantap umpan kita ketika sedang menggunakan rakitan 1 leader yang gampang terdeteksi jika detik detik ingin strike. Dibandingkan jika menggunakan 3 leader tentunya sangat kurang dipahami sekali jika ikan ikan sedang menyantap umpan kita karena kita sulit untuk merasakan tarikan dari ikan karena kita menggunakan leader yang cukup besar dan dililitkan menjadi 3 cabang. Tetapi ada untungnya juga ketika kita memancing ikan dilaut dengan kondisi air pasang kita sangat direkomendasikan dengan rakitan 3 leader.