Etymology: What’s The Difference Between Casino And Hotel?

There are few places in the world as enjoyable as Las Vegas, home to the grandest and most luxurious casinos. Gambling is the single largest industry within Las Vegas’ legal framework and with that comes a wide variety of different types of gambling, including everything from high-stakes craps matches to online lotto rolls. Virtually every type of casino can be found in Las Vegas, and the city is famous for churning out hundreds of winners in just about every casino game possible. Yet many visitors to Las Vegas do not realize that many of their favorite places in Vegas can also be purchased for a low cost or even free of charge!


Gambling has always been a big part of Las Vegas, dating back to at least the turn of the century. The earliest casino to draw the attention of serious gamblers in the West was the Colorado Springs Sands Corp., which opened what is now known as the Colfax Casino inighterly in Springs. The Colfax Casino was one of the first Nevada gambling establishments to offer amenities such as slot machines, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and even instant poker! Many of today’s biggest and best-known casinos got their start in Las Vegas, and the city continues to churn them out today.

Las Vegas is also home to some of the biggest and brightest celebrities in America, making it a favorite among people of all ages. This is partly because Las Vegas offers something to everyone: entertainment, adventure, tons of casinos, great food, shows, and gambling. As such many gamblers flock to Las Vegas each year to see that gambling hot spots are worth visiting and which aren’t. Additionally, because Las Vegas offers such a huge selection of high-quality gaming experiences, its reputation as the place where “they did it once” actually has some truth to it. After enjoying many of the casinos and classy dining establishments in Las Vegas over the years, many people take their trips to the famed gambler’s haven of Sin City with some degree of apprehension, mostly because they’re afraid to lose money.

Despite this, it’s important for prospective gamblers to understand that Las Vegas is still one of the most lucrative gambling destinations in the world. After all, these days’ Las Vegas casinos are offering an increasingly varied range of casino games, including live bingo, internet poker, big jackpots, progressive slot machines, exotic gambling games, and much more. This wide-range of casino games is the one thing that set Las Vegas apart from many other casinos across the country – and it’s this diversity that allow Las Vegas to attract such a high volume of visitors. In addition, the fact that Las Vegas is home to such a huge number of casinos means that it has established a reputation as being the most challenging casino destination in existence; with hundreds of people playing a wide variety of casino games at any given time.

In order to keep this enormous traffic flowing, it’s imperative that players learn to make the best use of their time while in Las Vegas. Although it’s often said that the more people you meet and the more you socialize, the more fun you’ll have overall, this is simply not true in Las Vegas. Players who are strictly single or who do not know anyone else can easily find themselves spending most of their time in front of a blackjack or craps table, without interacting with anyone else in their environment. In this way, without proper casino etiquette, visitors may find themselves wasting hours of time that they could otherwise be spending playing some of the more exciting card game varieties at home.

As an aside, it’s important to note that there is a difference between etymology – if you’ve been to Las Vegas, then you may have been exposed to the term “elevator” – which is essentially the modern equivalent of the Spanish word “levada”. “Elevator” comes from the French term “levasse”, which roughly translates to “high elevator”. Today, most people have a pretty good idea of what the difference is, but etymology tends to get lost in all the confusion. So next time you find yourself in a hotel near the Las Vegas Strip, just ask the person you’re sitting with (or should probably be sitting next to, in case you’ve taken the elevator) what the difference is between a casino.