TOTO Toilets – Walk Yourself Clean Using Bidets


TOTO Toilets – Walk Yourself Clean Using Bidets

TOTO is a Japanese based company that is famous for its toiletry bags. It is established in 1917 and is recognized for producing the Washlet and related accessory products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. Among those countries, the largest is China.

Recently TOTO has introduced a range of luxury toilet models. They are styled to be extremely luxurious and elegant. The brand claims to have produced toilets that have “transformed” the basic toilet into an “anti social hangout”. Their luxury toilet brands consist of Toilet, Valet, Goop, Ambience, and Club toilets. Each of these toilet models is aimed at providing their customers with the most luxurious experience possible.

The Toilet brand is particularly interesting. The Toilet bowl is very large, which gives it a transponder look and feel. This can also be attributed to the size of the toilet bowl, which is in the same scale as the golden retriever. Due to its transponder look and feel, the Toilet brand is marketed with the term “tokai”, which means “household”. The toilet bowls have a special finish that makes them look fashionable even when they are used.

One of the most recent products to be launched by TOTO is the Toilet Paper Toilet Seat. This seat consists of a simple but elegant design. Its design makes it ideal for placing on top of the toilet bowl, or else inside a bathroom. The toilet paper is placed on the seat using special holders. When the paper is removed, it forms a tray on the floor.

TOTO’s latest bidet, the heated seat, has also been designed to fit on the toilet. The heated seat and toilet are integrating with each other, meaning that the heated seat and toilet functions as a single unit, providing a higher level of hygienic facilities than other types of toilets. Furthermore, the heated seat also controls the volume of the electronic bidet nozzle, so that the user may adjust the temperature according to their individual comfort.

The latest addition to the range of TOTO toilets is the electronic bidet. This bidet has a number of new and innovative features that have been designed to help users control the water pressure, volume and nozzle. Some of the features include automatic shut-off, advanced timers, integrated temperature gauges and timers, volume and water pressure indicators, hand held controls and water storage. In order to prevent the build up of dust, the heated seat has been designed with a special cover, called the bidet shield, which is available in different colors. The electronic bidet also provides users with the option of adjusting the water level, time and date stamping.