Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Home

To do a full body search on the Internet for a “Toilet Toto” seems like the most random, unnecessary action possible, but it’s actually much more useful than one would think. More, people are realizing the importance of using a toilet when they step into a room. At first glance, a bathroom might seem like an afterthought, something that doesn’t belong in the room in which it was installed. In fact, a good number of bathrooms have been designed with the sole purpose of making it easier for people to find the things they need, to avoid using up valuable space in the room or to give those who enter the bathroom a feeling of being extremely isolated and exposed.

Toto toilets become almost commonplace, even in schools and shopping malls. In these places, it’s become a central part of offering high-end hospitality, born out of a need to indulge in the personal bathroom experience instead of merely treat it as a necessary, avoidable necessity. While many people may still think of a traditional Japanese bathroom as having no function other than to hide bodily functions, today’s toto toilets are changing that perception. In fact, many new designs are being designed for the ultimate in personal indulgence.

One of the most distinguishing features of any standard Japanese toilet is the toilet seat. Usually covered with washlets or blankets that are kept folded over the rim, a toto toilet offers a unique take on the traditional Japanese seat. Rather than sit directly on the toilet itself, the customer is treated to a raised center, usually three quarters of the way up the toilet, and a curved, slightly concave “bowl” that’s lined with washlets or blankets. It offers the best of both worlds: the ability to sit comfortably and use the toilet, while simultaneously enjoying a higher position than the traditional Japanese toilet allows.

Toto’s latest offering, the Toilet 2.0, takes this idea one step further. With a host of interesting design features such as heated seats (a first for Toto) and built-in fans, the Toilet 2.0 promises even greater comfort than its predecessors. And although the seats themselves do not convert from washlets to blankets, Toto has also designed toilet seats that can be folded into a variety of interesting shapes, such as “cupcake,” which fits snugly inside any standard toilet, or a simple rectangle for those who prefer a more modern look. Many of the models come standard with washlets, however others are available with washlets available separately.

Speaking of washlets, those who’ve seen Toto’s other bathroom-toting inventions, such as the Bathtubster and Toiletry Picnic Blanket, know that Toto takes luxury to a whole new level. As its name implies, the Bathtubster comes with a waterproof liner so you don’t have to worry about your children slipping in the bath while washing the dishes. The Bathtubster also folds flat so you don’t have to worry about maneuvering your beautiful bathtub all the way around the house! In addition to being able to fold it up, the Bathtubster offers a number of handy features including a whisker comb and bottle brush, as well as an included holder for your personal accessories.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, you might want to check out Toto’s line of Toilets and Baths, which are designed to appeal to a more discriminating market. Available in both ceramic and porcelain enamel, these line of Toto products boast high quality and a wide range of colors and designs, including porcelain washlets in various classic colors (including ivory, cream, champagne, light blue, and peach), and chrome washlets in a variety of classic colors (including black, white, and gray). Some of the enamel models come with silver or gold plated toilets, and chrome faucets. While these models may not offer as many features as the washlets, they’re certainly more affordable.