The Aquasero Plus Toilet


The Aquasero Plus Toilet

TOTO is considered the worlds leading manufacturer of shower enclosures. First launched in 1980, the original WASH toile was TOTO s first foray into the bathroom market with revolutionary design which has transformed bathrooms across Japan for over four decades. With innovative designs like the Mira Closet, Toto has established itself as one of the most sought after bathroom brands worldwide. However, this brilliant company has only recently expanded into other areas, such as furniture and kitchenware, all designed to provide the perfect home.

One way that TOTO stays ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to designing toilets is their ability to create the best toto toilet seats anywhere in the world. The company has a huge range of products spanning a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit most bathrooms and requirements. With over two hundred and fifty designs to choose from, there is sure to be one to suit your tastes, no matter what your needs or desires. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, you will find an ideal toto toilet seat to suit you. Even if you are unsure of your tastes or the ultimate toilet for your bathroom, TOTO has a design team to help you through every step of the way in creating the perfect toilet for you.

For the ultimate in toilet luxury, there is nothing better than a TOTO ultramax ii toilet. Available in three different designs and featuring two flushing options, the ultramax ii toilet is at the top of the range in toilet design. Not only does it have the self flushing capability to make your life easier but also the amazing dual seating option. Each seat can recline individually or can be used together as a dual seat unit. So whether you are after a clean flush or a quieter operation, the ultramax ii is the perfect toilet for you.

If you are looking for the perfect solution to your regular problems with bad smelling toilets then the TOTO Aquaero Plus might just be what you need. The TOTO aquaero plus has a built in spray system that enables the user to spray directly on the backing which reduces the risk of any unpleasant odours seeping into the room. It comes with a precision pour nozzle ensuring that each spray is precise, guaranteeing that the aquaero plus is always spic and span. This also helps to reduce the need for re-spraying which means there will be no waste in the long run. All the water will run through the specially formulated and deionized water storage container resulting in no chemical smells or residue left in your bathroom.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing TOTO toilets is their “one size fits all” toilet bowl and flush valve combinations. As each toilet model comes in a variety of heights (range up to 6 inches), it is important that you ensure that the correct flush valve is purchased to match the correct height of your bathroom suite. You can find a range of options to choose from to make your bathroom as stylish and contemporary as possible, including chrome designs and non-metallic designs.

A popular feature with many users is the TOTO sink and shower combo. These come complete with a hand held shower device and a sink featuring a built in seat. This not only maximizes the amount of space available in most bathrooms but also allows the user to keep their hand behind the sink to use the toilet paper. The convenience of having a TOTO sink and shower combined with the unbeatable quality and durability of TOTO toilet papers make these models an all round excellent buy.