How to Become a Top Topo (Book by Joe Towo)


How to Become a Top Topo (Book by Joe Towo)

Toto is an American pop band formed in Los Angeles in 1977. The band’s present line up includes Robert “Sewer” Hull, David Paich, Steve Lukather, and Joseph Williams, and several other touring musicians. The music from this band has influenced many other artists and groups including the Rolling Stones, Air, Paul McCartney, Queen, and many others. This band has also built a reputation for being very difficult to get tickets to. The band has a small fan base, but their music still remains popular in the United States.

In the late seventies, Towo found himself in the center of a curious situation. He and his friend were arrested by the Los Angeles Police for dancing at a disco called the Tin Man. While in custody, Towo claims that he had sex with a fourteen year old girl named Beverly Coleman. Many reporters and police officials soon learned that the girl was in fact eighteen years old, although the arrest and subsequent trial made it clear that Towo was in fact nineteen years old. After serving only a small portion of time, he was released, but could not return to the music scene.

While in prison, Towo continued to work on his debut album. Though it was not successful, he did receive several offers to record his music, but he turned down every offer. He later stated that he had lost interest in writing songs, and wanted to concentrate on being a actor or television personality. As a result, no further work by him was done on Tin Man.

By this time, Towo had become disenchanted with the music business. He believed that the record industry was designed to exploit and sell young talent for profit. He also felt that because he had not made any money for many years, other people were less likely to give him any money to create new music. Towo ended up working as a consultant for several other musicians.

In 1970, Towo began working with the Beach Boys, playing second fiddle to John Entwistle in some of their songs. A later account indicated that he did not enjoy this job, as he was not happy with the lyrics and melodies that the band was using. Towo is credited as being the musical brains behind much of the songwriting on Beach Boys’ album “Beach Boys.” However, he never performed any of his songs with the band.

Towo finally decided to record a new album and went to work, but he was not happy with the results. He was not satisfied with the lyrics or the instrumentals. After some time, he came to the conclusion that he had to make a change in his life. He began to work as a motivational speaker and spiritual adviser. He found it difficult to leave the business of songwriting behind though. Towo still worked with a number of artists, including artists from America, England and Japan.