What Are the Luxury Features of TOTO Toilets and Bathtubs?


What Are the Luxury Features of TOTO Toilets and Bathtubs?

ToToto is a Japanese owned company that designs and manufactures toilet products. Toto Ltd., styled as TOTO, is Japan’s largest toilet manufacturing company. It was established in 1917, and is particularly famous for producing the Washlet and other derivative products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, which also has production facilities in nine other countries worldwide. The Toilet Company designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of toilet and bathroom accessories, including washrooms and accessories, ranging from chrome to porcelain to plastic, ceramic to wood.

One of the latest innovations from Toto is a “washlet-to-shower” combination, which utilizes a hand-held shower handpiece, called a “toyette” in the industry. This piece contains a hand rail with attached hand pads and a hand sprayer. To use this combination, you simply wet your hand with a hand sprayer, which sprays water and soap into the toilet and tub. You then manually push the hand rail to the side of the tub and position your hands and feet inside the wash basin. Finally, you grab the attached lever and pull a lever to release the hydro-spray and the hot water and soap, which eliminates the need for a hand held shower nozzle, which was required to prevent overflow.

When designing and manufacturing Toilet Equipment, Toto takes advantage of advances in the toilet and bathroom market, including state-of-the-art seat belt design, low-profile non-grab controls, safety belts, easy-to-use controls, lightweight but strong construction, durable finishes, ergonomic seats and seatbelts, seat-of-the-seat attachments for compact and fixed-mounted toilet and showers, including handheld toilet bowl cleaners. All toilet and bathroom accessories are ergonomically designed to make movement comfortable and safe. All toilet parts are made with the same care and precision. To complete your package, add a Toto tote bag and hygiene towel.

Toto believes in making products that last a lifetime, starting with the toilet. All toilets in their portfolio are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the frame and dual zone drying systems. All toilet parts and toilet accessories are covered by a 100% lifetime warranty. In addition, they provide customers with the opportunity to register their product with Toto’s Registered Design Representatives (RDRs). With registered designers, you will receive guidance on the proper maintenance and cleaning of your toto toilets and bathrooms.

A Toto toilet seat can be accompanied by a Toto heated seat, which has two separate controls, allowing you to feel more relaxed after a long, hard day of travelling. For added convenience, you can also include a Toto electric toilet cleaner. With an integrated dryer, your toto toilets and bathrooms will always remain dry and clean. In addition to all these luxury features, Toto also offers functional and aesthetic improvements such as a new, ergonomic contour to its seats with water-resistant fabrics.

The Toto bathtubs have the ability to fit with any bathroom design. Its tall, single and deep seats add the right amount of space to relax. Its rear warm water heaters ensure that the water supply in your toilet is always heated up and ready to go. These heating elements have the ability to regulate the temperature of the heated water, even when the toilet bowl is full. If your toilet bowl is not fully heated, it will reduce the temperature of the heated water for the duration of time until it is heated up enough. This ensures that your bathtub will always be nice and warm, regardless of whether you have a full tank of water or not.