House Edge and Casino Staff

A casino is an establishment where one can play card games, poker, slots and other roulette games. It is usually a separate establishment from the hotel, which is why there is a separate entrance for players and also for the staffs. Casino hotels are usually equipped with gaming machines and other facilities to help gamblers have fun. A casino hotel is usually an establishment consisting of several casino resorts with temporary sleeping accommodation provided in an off-site hotel. Most customers get the advantages of both hotels and gambling facilities together. Since both the casino and hotel are situated on the same property, a player’s needs are provided for right in one place.


The casino floor has all the gaming devices and also dealers. The dealers are the people who deal the winning combinations for the customers. Usually a casino will have a minimum number of dealers, which should be around four. But if a casino is big enough, they might need more dealers. There are different types of dealers for different casino. There are house dealers, whose task is to deal with the customers as an individual and then assign a ‘house’ or group of dealers for a specific casino.

Apart from the regular dealers, there are machines like video poker machines, slot machines and blackjack machines which will be available in some casinos for the convenience of the casino goers. But, most of the times you will see slot machines and video poker machines on casino floors because these machines will help attract more people to the casino floor. The dealer will always work by counting the cards that are dealt from left to right, from front to back. When a player wins, the dealer will inform him and give winning combination.

Blackjack and video poker machines will always be found near entrances to the casino as it will attract more people to go inside the casino. But, the floor operators and other dealers can be found on casino floors because they will help deal with the daily blackjack and gambling transactions. Some dealers might hold the winning combination for an overnight players. In this kind of situation, the casino owners will have to change a lot of blackjack and gambling machines according to the number of visitors and the day.

As mentioned above, there are casino hotels that do not hire any of the casino employees including the house or floor workers. Only the gambling addicts or gamblers will be allowed to enter the casino hotel with their own personal game devices. This is because these casino hotels do not make any money from the gambling activities of the visitors. The gambling addicts are those who make bets based on luck and not based on the strategy.

In some cases, the casino owners will have a house advantage as the casino dealer that works alone will have lesser house advantage compared to the dealers who are working as part of a team. These house advantage dealers have the skill and knowledge that they can bet the casino more than their opponents. However, if the casino owner will have less house advantage, the gambler will still have a slight edge over them. This means that the casino owner should hire professional dealers with proven record in the business. After all, it is important to get the gambler support staff to help in the casino operation.