Types of Video Games

Games are an excellent way to relax and de-stress after a hard day’s work. Many people don’t realize how much fun many games can be, and they can even be a fun way to interact with friends or family. The type of games you choose should depend on what you enjoy. Some common types of games include:


“Pay-to-Play” Games – These are the most popular games on most platforms, because the games are designed to cost you absolutely nothing to play, yet provide great entertainment. In pay-to-play games, players usually use electronic chips to pay real money to play. There are even some games that require more specialized equipment, including the Kinect. Most pay-to-play games require regular updates to keep the game fresh. In many cases, if you want to access new in-game content, you’ll have to pay again for it.

“Non-Pay-to-Play” Games – Often referred to as “free games,” non-pay games fall into two basic categories. They are either browser-based arcade games (sometimes referred to as “browser games”), which typically revolve around action or puzzle gameplay, or hybrid online multiplayer games (like Mabinogi and DayZ) that let you play with other players over the Internet using your own dedicated game console. As the name implies, most non-pay games are free to play. However, you can typically only play them while you have online access to a computer that has a web browser. For example, if you’re on your school’s network, you can usually play web games such as Webcams or Mine Craft.

“Flash” Games – Often confused with flash movies (which are actually a subset of video games), flash games generally involve some kind of interactivity or puzzle gameplay. A popular example of a flash game is Angry Birds, which lets you attack birds by dropping buckets of water on their heads. The game progresses by adding fuel to the birds’ tanks, so that they can fly up to a certain altitude. Different types of flash games involve various forms of interaction, and many can be played in the privacy of your own home.

“Idle Games” – Though often considered a subset of video gaming, idle games include games where you do nothing at all. These are especially popular with younger children, since their attention span isn’t as developed as that of an adult. Many of the best examples of idle games include Tetris and other classic arcade games. While some people believe that idle games include simply sitting around twiddling a pencil or fingers, there’s much more to it than that.

“Adventures” – Another type of video game genre is adventure games. In an adventure game, the goal is to achieve a particular goal by moving from one area of a game environment to another. For example, in Golden Eye, the player must move through an open cave system, collect items, and progress through a series of increasingly difficult challenges before being able to complete the game. This type of game has become especially popular among adventure game enthusiasts and continues to remain a staple of the gaming industry. As the variety of platforms increases, adventure games will continue to enjoy a strong fan base among players who appreciate a challenging gameplay and a beautiful environment to explore.