Toilet Options For All Families


Toilet Options For All Families

TOTO (pronounced to tripo) is a Japanese-owned company that is one of the largest bathroom fixture manufacturers in the world. It was established in 1917 and is best known for creating the renowned Washlet and related accessory products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, which it controls manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. TOTO claims to be the fastest growing private company in the world, with annual revenues estimated at more than two billion dollars. The company’s main product lines are the Washlet, which are used by hotels and other commercial establishments worldwide; the Ultramax/Procter & Gamble Ultramax line of showers; the Toto Wet to Dry line of flooring; and the Wash & Go line of bathroom vanities and accessories.

The Washlet has an extensive range of bathroom accessories and other products that can be added to it, including bidets, undercounter water filters, hand held shower heads, body sprays, toilet seat covers, toilet seat pads, toilet tank covers, hand held towel bars, towel racks, and wall mounted sinks. The Ultramax line of showers includes the Ultramax/Procter & Gamble Shower Massager, the Ultramax/Trainer Massager, the Ultramax/Sonic Shower Valve, and the Ultramax/ Wicked Wash line of accessories. TOTO also manufactures a range of home accessories. Some of its most popular home accessories include Toto’s Aqua Fountain, Wash and Go’s Wash & Go Floor Tile, the Toto Wall Mount Wall Sink, Toto’s Stainless Steel Canister, Toto’s Wood Porch Swing, and the Wood Porch Swing/Ladder. Other accessories available from TOTO include a laundry basket, a trash can holder, a can opener, a metal cutting board, a bottle opener, a clock, a calendar, a stool, a bar stool, a garbage can, a pen, an ashtray, a flashlight, a clock, and a magnifying glass.

The Toto Company began manufacturing public toilets in wartime Japan after the Second World War. These toilets were manufactured in small quantities because there was a severe shortage of toilet resources in the country. They were made with hardwood to ensure that they would withstand the rigorous working conditions that the soldiers faced on a daily basis. Because the manufacturing process took such long hours, they employed people who were well trained and capable. The company still produces toilets to this day.

The Toto Company has two styles of flushing systems: the landless and the gravity feed. The tankless type uses an electric motor to power the water flow from the tank into the toilet bowl by utilizing electricity as a means of delivering water. The gravity feed requires that water is delivered through a nozzle via a tube. The advantage to the gravity feed system is that you do not have to wait for the tank to refill since the water is delivered to the seat automatically. The only disadvantage is that the tankless toto toilets are usually more expensive than the standard height toto toilets.

The most popular style of Toto toilet is called aqua toile. This style is referred to as a “floating bowl” because you can “floate” the bowl by pushing it back and forth. Most models are larger than standard height toilets and have a special hole in the bottom of the bowl that allows the user to add water at a more convenient angle than a standard height toilet.

One of the most popular brands of Toto toilet is Ultramax II. This model is considered to be the most technologically advanced model available. Ultramax II flushes the bowl automatically and has a five-year warranty against defect in craftsmanship. Ultramax II comes with an easy-to-use design guide that helps the user understand exactly how the machine works and provides the user with a comprehensive guide to toilet maintenance. In addition, this model offers the best comfort height for any individual or family.