To Toilet or Not to Toilet – Which is Best?


To Toilet or Not to Toilet – Which is Best?

TOTO is styled as TOTO Inc., styled after the company TOTO Group. It was established in 1917 and today is recognized for manufacturing the Washlet and other derivative products. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide.

A popular choice for toilet manufacturers in Japan is toto toilet bowls. In general the toto toilet bowl is elongated and bowl shaped. There are a variety of styles that can be chosen based on preferences for the elongated or traditional appearance. Most Toto toilet bowls feature a high-gloss black finish.

TOTO’s most popular style of toilet is the Mini Toilet, which comes in one and two gallon styles. These are great options for small bathrooms because the toto flush can be very powerful, especially if you use a hand-held toilet paper holder. The toto toilets are also economical, as they only use five to eight gallons per flush. This is due to the fact that many models can only hold a certain amount of water at once.

If you prefer the traditional appearance of a traditional toilet with a long-reach bowl and seat then the Toilet Seat/Flushing System will fit your needs perfectly. It is an ideal option if you have a small bathroom and a high tolerance for traditional looks. The TOTO flushing system can hold up to ten gallons of water, depending on the model, which allows for an endless supply of water for your cleaning needs. The seat swivels 90 degrees so it is easier to clean the bottom.

TOTO produces a number of toilet choices for those who prefer a traditional look. The TOTO Prana Toilet offers a chrome plated design that is stylish and elegant. This style of toilet is perfect for the bathroom because it is easy to clean and it comes in a three-piece design. The Toilet Seat/Flushing System is also available in a chrome plated design. The toilet seat has a steel design for a strong base and it offers the traditional Japanese toilet seat design. The Toilet Bowl and Covering fit snugly over the toilet and can be removed for easy cleaning.

You should take a look at the TOTO toilet comparisons above to see the wide variety of toilet choices that are available. In general, toto toilet’s main advantage is the durability and low cost of maintenance. If you are looking for a toilet that offers the look and feel of a traditional Japanese toilet then the TOTO brand is a great choice.