Who is Toto? – The Search For Toto

You can use the word in toot to mean “alone.” If you think a fortune teller predicted your future fortunes accurately, it means that you accept his words as true. In toto toots means “together” or “with exception.” To use the adverbial form in toot means “too.” Use the adverbs in toot to give directions: “Go to Picnic.”


In “Picnic” (the play written by Mark Twain), Toto is quoting himself: “The old man said, ‘Let us sit down together and plan out the finest way to die.’ I said, ‘I don’t think so; I’d rather die old and dry, if that’s what it takes to get my name remembered.” The poet’s pronunciation of the word in toot is “tie tow”. The play’s characters are all older men, and “tow” is clearly intended to rhyme with old. So that makes Toto “old,” and that makes “planned out” a great metaphor for American living.

But the play does not present a clear picture of Toto’s thoughts or opinions. That’s part of the drama of an American coming-of-age story. For that reason, the play presents an American dream: the boy dreams of making it big in the hard rock ‘n’ roll business, but he doesn’t really know how to do it. He has an idol (Picnic), but she keeps him from venturing into the risky business.

That’s a part of the drama of “Picnic at Potties” too. In our version of events, the kid has a friend in the business who tells him about how to make it big in the music business. Toto is so impressed that he asks his mentor about starting a record label in Singapore. His mentor tells him to sign up for a record deal at Bugworld, a Singaporean record and CD store. So Toont becomes a member of the company, and then, having decided that being an artist is what he wants to do, he signs up at J Records, which is now one of the world’s leading hard rock labels.

But Toont still feels like an outsider there, even though everybody else knows that he is originally from Singapore. He finally decides to sing for the world at the annual Roadburne Festival, and realizes just how popular he is in the States. Everyone there knows him as the lead singer from the American rock band Jawbreaker. Eventually, Toont gets to meet his biggest fan in the world, Pat Bragg, the lead singer of the English language band, The Oatmeal.

Toto is so excited to meet Pat Bragg, he invites him to a gig at The Roxy, one of the most famous rock clubs in the world. It turns out that both bands have the same kind of voice, which they call “chick” (as in “chick lit”), a term that originates from their singing. And so begins the most unlikely relationship in the history of pop. Eventually Toont even buys Pat Bragg a drink at the bar, to try and make him understand how much he means to him.