Toto, America’s First Latin Rock Band


Toto, America’s First Latin Rock Band

Toto is an American hard rock band founded in 1977 in Los Angeles. The band’s present line up includes Steve Lukather, David Paich, and Joseph Williams, along with touring musician, John Pierce, Robert “”Sput”” Searight, Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, and Warren “Ham” Hewitt. The band has achieved considerable popularity in the United States and abroad. For a long time, Toto was the most popular musical group in the United States, but later they faded from public attention.

In the beginning, Toto’s music had a simple, peaceful yet dreamlike quality to it. The sound of their early songs were recorded using ordinary recording equipment. Over the years, the band’s music has undergone several changes and improvisations. Toto went through a string of bass players, who were replaced by Robert Plant (expert on the acoustic guitar), and John Paul Jones. Eventually, Plant left the group and they lost him to cancer.

Robert Plant had joined Toto because he was impressed by their previous album, Seeds. While in Paris, France, he saw their concert performance and was immediately hooked. After leaving the group, he formed the acoustic group Dream Theater. During his time in Dream Theater, Plant released several solo albums, which resulted in him developing a world-wide reputation for his work with Dream Theater.

John Paul Jones is another member of Toto whose playing can be heard on many of their albums. He has gone on to fame and continues to make a positive impact on contemporary music. During his tenure with Toto, he wrote, sang and played many of the group’s songs. He has also produced several solo albums, most notably, Among Friends, Black Rain, and I Walk The Line.

Carlos Santana is another artist with an extensive Toto history. He is best known for his cover of the Beatles song, “I’m a Believer.” Although he is not strictly a guitar player, he helped to develop the sound that would later become popular with rock and blues guitarists. Carlos Santana’s recordings with Toto are some of the most unique in the world because of the instrument sounds he creates.

Not only did Santana create some of the most distinctive music of the sixties, but he also became a noted Latino musical star. As a member of Santana’s band, he made an impact on music fans young and old, especially with his memorable cover of the Beach Boys’ hit, “imetrix.” Carlos Santana’s musical interests also include acting and directing. He has been nominated for several Academy Awards and has achieved commercial success, including the successful release of his own solo album, which was #1 in its genre in many polls. Santana enjoys a large following both online and offline and continues to tour to this day.