TOTO Toilets – Toilet Seat and Toiletry Review

This article is about the famous Japanese toilet brand. For the American rock/pop band, see Toto. For various other uses, read Toto. In a nutshell, Toto is the maker of some great toiletry bags and toiletry tissue.


For years, Toto has been making some of the best toto toiletry bags and papers. In Japan, the brand is best known for its Ultramax II series, but outside of Japan it’s best known for its self flushing Ultramax II toilet. It’s the toilet of choice in many countries, especially Europe. The Ultramax series is well loved, so it makes sense to own the self flushing Ultramax II. The series is composed of four separate toilet paper holders:

Toto toilet bags are made from acrylic. They are reinforced with aluminum for extra strength and are available in several colors, including black and white. The toilet seat and washlets are designed to work well together. The seats snap in place on the base, which has a slight curve to allow the user to easily slide it onto the toilet and flush.

The self-cleaning feature of the Ultramax II is the best toto toilet seat you can buy. You push a button and the water starts flowing back into the bowl automatically. No more searching for the toilet. If you’d rather have it clean at regular intervals, the washlet series comes with an assortment of brushes. All toilet seats are bidet compatible, so the best toto toilet to purchase depends on how frequently you plan to use it and what style you prefer.

A popular item in the Toto lineup is their Toto Pro stool. This stylish, eight-foot tall stool has a brushed finish and can be ordered in white or black. A remote control is included, along with two foam seats. The Pro stool is easily used by both adults and children, and it swivels and bends for easy positioning in any direction. The two feet on the bottom of the stool offer excellent stability, which means that even parents who have small children will find the Pro to be an ideal toilet seat for their little one.

The Toto Plush Soft Toilet Seat allows parents to keep their young ones calm in the bathroom. The seat swivels up and down to position the child for a better view. The built-in electronic sensor warms the water to the perfect temperature for refreshing aching muscles. The electronic bidet allows the user to wash his or her own bottom in the comfort of his or her own home. When the seat is not in use, it folds up to form a compact, attractive display case for easy storage.