TOTO Toilets – Why It Is Good For Your Health

The Japanese company Toto is among the leading manufacturers and innovators of modern toilet and bathroom technology. Established in 1917, Toto had over 100 years of expertise in manufacturing and marketing high-end restrooms and toilets. In recent times, Toto has been responsible for designing and developing the Washlet, a small toilet seat with bidet-style dryers, built-in air dryers, and other added features so you could do away with toilet tissue at home. Since its establishment in 1917 Toto has grown to become one of Japan s largest manufacturers of toilet and bathroom products. This is why the company is able to provide innovative and state of the art products that will not only cater to the needs of their consumers, but also help them to save money.


One of the most common requests from buyers of Toto toilets come in the form of bidets. Bidet is Japanese for “bend and wash”. And so, bidets are designed to give users a comfortable, relaxing, low-stress experience by letting them cleanse their body while they sit on the toilet. With a Toto bidet, you get a seat with a built-in heater that helps you to warm your pelvic area.

Aside from a heated seat and bidet, the latest additions to the line of Toto toilet seats also include additional features such as a massaging action that helps relieve stress and a contoured back that offers convenient access to the wash basin. Another innovative feature found in some latest models of Toto washlets is the presence of a retractable toilet seat. This enables you to easily get out of the toilet without having to bend down. If you are worried about germs getting stuck in the toilet seat while you are using it, you should know that you can easily wipe it clean. It is made of plastic and is therefore extremely easy to maintain.

The Toto company has recently introduced two models to their collection, the Ultramax II and the Ultramax III. These models have the best toto toilet seat and bidet combined into one. What sets these two apart from other brands is that the Ultramax III even self flushes itself.

So, what makes the Ultramax II so special? It has a bidet with a seat that comes with a built-in remote control. The remote control bidet allows users to control the water spray by moving the hand on the toilet paper holder. To use this, first you need to open the remote control bidet and then you will be able to adjust the water flow through the sprayer nozzle with your free hand.

This system allows you to do a two flush which means that you will only have to buy one bottle of water. It is also very quiet so there is no need to have an additional bathroom vanity for this unit. When you are done with the wash, you just turn it on and it will automatically flush itself. In order to conserve water, the toto toilet does not hold a full flushing volume as the other brands.