TOTO bidets – The Best Among the Rest

TOTO ( Toyota Japan ) is a Japanese company that manufactures toilet accessories and home janitorial products. It is one of the many manufacturers in Japan that specializes in waste management, sanitation, and hygiene. The company is a subsidiary of Toyota Corporation and is led by Hidehiko Takahashi. It also produces a wide variety of specialized products such as bathroom vanities, cabinets, vessel sinks, bathroom showers, and toilet brushes. Among its most popular and best-selling items are its complete range of bathroom accessories.


A major part of the company’s range is its Bidet Range. Bidets are designed to provide hygienic and comfort to the user, with the aim of relieving back pain and eliminating bodily discomforts such as itchiness and soreness. All its bidet models come with a washable, reusable, water-resistant finish.

TOTO’s range of toilet paper is another huge hit. The company produces an extensive range of toilet paper, including toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and toilet seat covers. Its toilet roll feature enables users to replace old rolls with new ones, saving considerable amount of money on toilet paper. And to make sure that your family’s safety is always guaranteed, all its bidets come with built-in sensor and motion detector lights. Moreover, to ensure maximum freshness, TOTO supplies sanitary towels as well.

TOTO’s self-cleaning bidets are an ideal choice for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on toilet paper. As these bidets run on foot power, the user needs to wipe himself or herself with the help of a paper towel before entering the restroom, thereby cutting down on germs and other harmful microorganisms. All its models are equipped with an electric motor driven wipe brush, which enables the user to scrub himself or herself without having to bend over. Furthermore, all its models come with special cleaning heads for keeping the toilet paper clean and safe.

Finally, the TOTO self-cleaning toilet pump is another hot favorite in the ever growing toiletry section. With a stunning spray wand, this handy little tool sprays water to cleanse the toilet. While the TOTO Spray Wand is definitely smaller than the bigger and more powerful hand-held bidet, it’s a wiser choice for those who cannot bend over to brush themselves. Its easy-to-use features include the spray wand, an adjustable spray neck, and dual-flushing feature.

If you’re thinking of buying a new toilet for your house, then TOTO products are undoubtedly the best ones available. Besides offering excellent quality and various designs, they also guarantee the user no disappointments. In fact, every toilet model manufactured by TOTO has received high ratings from both consumers and experts. They have products ranging from the small, hand-held bidet to the more powerful self-cleaning bidets. Moreover, they have bidets for both sexes, ranging from the male and female tote bidets, which can be used while travelling. They have bidets for handicapped people, too.