Book Review of The Princess and the Frog

Toto is a fictional character in L. Frank Baum’s Oz book series of kids’ books, and is based on them as well. His name is originally pronounced with an long “O” sound, a homophone for “oof”. In the first novel, The Land Of Oz, Toto is an orphan whose owner, a Lion, gives him away because he can’t speak. He is taken under the care of Mater, a Scarecrow who tries to train him to speak, but Toto refuses to do so. Later on, he becomes a loyal servant of the Lion, until the lion kills his master.

In his later years, Toto is captured and taken to the Oz that Glenda has designed. Here, she intends to make him her mate, but he is not interested and instead decides to stick with Glenda. However, he is captured by the wicked Jafar, who intends to sell him into slavery. However, he is soon saved by the Tin Man, who also knows of his background, and uses this to lure Toto away from Glenda.

In the later books of the series, Toto is forced to work in the Oz that Jafar has created, where he is forced to perform many menial tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and hunting. He is also forced to work long hours, in order to earn enough money to support himself. Eventually, however, he manages to escape from his employer and return to Oz. He then travels across the Land of Oz searching for the Emerald City, where the legendary Wizard of Oz lives. Eventually, he joins the ranks of the Good Witches, who also travel across Oz.

Toto is known to be a brave and loyal dog, but like most dogs, he can be stubborn and have a snappish attitude. It is said that he likes to play a lot of tricks, including surprising his owners with strange acts of heroism. Some of these include jumping out of a high building or dashing across the street in a galloping horse. He is also brave enough to face dangerous situations, like facing an angry buffalo. However, his bravery sometimes proves to be his undoing, as when he jumps into a boiling cauldron to save a dog.

The Tin Man, as he is called by many of the characters in the book, is a very happy and bubbly character, who loves to eat. He is also a great cook and has the capability of providing for his owners and his pets. Although Toto suffers from some bad luck, such as getting hit by a horse, he always puts everything right if not totally healed. During one of the book’s climax, the Tin Man transforms himself into a monster to fight Glenda, but is defeated when he chokes her.

The last book of the series, The Princess and the Frog, revolves around a princess named Toto. Like the other characters in the series, Toto is always happy-go-lucky and smart. The story focuses on how Toto helps the other characters in the book, along with gluing them together. While it is difficult to see where the story ends, it is happy to know that it does. In the book, Glenda finally reveals her motivation for turning herself into a monster, and Toto realizes his mistakes and decides to help the others. The Princess and the Frog was recently released in theatres, and received rave reviews.