Toto Toilets

TOTO (stylized TOTO) is a Japanese toilet manufacturer. The company was founded in 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan. It is best known for the Washlet toilet design and has production facilities in nine countries. Toto’s Washlet toilet is an icon of modern Japanese bathrooms. Toto is currently the second largest toilet brand in the world, and the company has about 21,000 employees. Its products are sold in over 100 countries.

The book Toto’s Secrets has been widely circulated and is a best seller for children. It is based on the story of Dorothy Gale, who accidentally brings Toto out of the Emerald City. Although the two women fall in love with each other and find each other attractive, Toto is also a good friend and companion. In fact, Toto becomes Meggy’s faithful companion in the novel Inkheart.

In addition to being popular in Japanese households, Toto’s toilets are also popular in high-end restaurants. The company’s toilets offer a variety of features to make your bathroom a comfortable place to stay. The washlet, for example, can turn your toilet into an instant bidet. A Toto bath is the ultimate luxury. A Toto washlet can save you money on paper towels by avoiding waste. Toto is a leading brand of luxury toilets and is used in many hotels around the world.

The CeFiONtect toilet bowl glaze, which helps prevent solid waste particles from sticking to the toilet bowl’s surface, is another feature of the Toto washlet toilet. The protective layer helps protect the ceramic from the corrosive effects of solid waste on the bowl’s surface. It can be found on some Toto models, but not all. In the event that the feature isn’t offered by your local dealer, you can order one that has the desired feature.

TOTO has been the leader in the toilet industry for decades. The company’s mission has been to provide customers with superior quality products. This commitment to customer service has made TOTO a world-class toilet manufacturer. Toto is located in Morrow, Georgia, and has an extensive manufacturing plant there. The TOTO USA plant has been a successful model of innovative bathing. It has also won awards and is a top contender in the domestic market.

The company’s products have won many awards, including two major international competitions. The TOTO washlet won’t be available in most big-box stores, but it can be bought online. The TOTO website has a list of all the brands and models. Toto’s washlet is the most advanced toilet on the market, with dual nozzles and a hole-free rim. The elongated bowl shape of the toilet makes it ideal for bigger bathrooms. The CeFiONtect toilet is the best-selling model in the world, and it comes with a range of other unique features.

In addition to the Toto museum, the TOTO toilet is also known as “Washlet”. This is an acronym for “Toyo Toki”, which means Oriental Ceramics. The company’s first model was the Washlet Zoe, which was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most sophisticated toilet. Today, more advanced versions of these high-tech toilets have emerged. Its e-waste system and warm air dryer.