Who is Toto?

Toto is a Japanese company known for its Washlet toilet. Founded in 1917, the company is famous for the design of the toilet, which is stylized as TOTO. The company has production facilities in nine countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. The name TOTO means “to wash”, which refers to the fact that the toilet can be cleaned with the wipe of a finger. The Washlet was first designed in 1933 and has since become a popular choice for toilets.


Toto was formed in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. The band’s lineup includes Joseph Williams, lead vocalist, David Paich (keyboards), Steve Porcaro (guitar), and Leland Sklar (bass). The band’s music is a mix of rock and jazz. Although they are known for their progressive sound, the songs feature elements of jazz. Toto has released several albums and toured extensively.

The first Toto album was released in 1978. The group was led by guitarist David Paich. The second album, Toto IV, was released in 1981. It was a commercial and critically acclaimed album. The group subsequently entered the Musicians Hall of Fame and won numerous Grammy Awards. Toto is also known for its eponymous children’s books. The band has released 17 albums. Their eponymous debut was a commercial success. The band’s songs have been adapted for television and the movies.

Toto is still active and continues to release new albums. The band’s popularity has led to the creation of numerous other bands. Aside from their hit music, they have become renowned for creating high-tech toilets that are comfortable to use. Toto also has a plethora of features that are sure to please any fan. The company’s toilets are popular in Japan and have won several Grammy awards. Despite the controversy and controversies surrounding the Toto brand, the group has received positive reviews from critics.

The name “Tutu” is a Ga word for “toe toe”. It originally meant “toe toe”. However, the word has changed to mean a long, flat-nosed dog. Toto’s elongated name is often pronounced as a long “O.” The word is a homophone of “toe toe.” The original Toto appeared in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900.

In the 1992 telefilm, TOTO was replaced by Pepe the King Prawn. Its popularity was boosted by the success of the cradle-shaped Flotation Tub, which was first unveiled in Germany. The Flotation Tub, inspired by flotation therapy, promises to place the user in a trance-like state. It is currently being developed by Blu Mankuma, and it has a plethora of other projects.

The Toto washlet is an attachment for any Toto toilet. It turns a standard toilet into an instant bidet. The washlet also has a soft-closing lid, which reduces the risk of a child hitting it. The washlet can be customized for the bathroom, as well. It is a must-have in every household. You can also choose to purchase accessories and features separately. If you are a parent, the soft-closing lid is the most important feature to consider when purchasing a Toto washlet.