TOTO Toilet fixtures


TOTO Toilet fixtures

Located in Tokyo, Japan, TOTO is a leading manufacturer of bathroom equipment. The name is derived from the company’s traditional name which is Toppan Kyouki. TOTO was originally a type of rice paper plant that specialized in making waterproof white paper towels.

TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is Japan’s largest public restroom manufacturer. It was established in 1917, and today is best known for producing the Washlet and related derivative items. The company currently has production facilities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. In addition to toilet paper, TOTO manufactures Bidet, washcloths, robes, bidet seat covers, hook-ups, sanitary napkins, and more. The company’s extensive line of bidet toilet products allows consumers to easily find the right products for their needs.

Among its most popular products are its Washlets, which come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Washlets are among the easiest types of bathroom fixtures to maintain. The washlet consists of a waterproof protective seal that is attached to the body of the toilet paper, or to an outer tube. To clean a toto, all you need is a simple spray of a mild detergent to the seal, followed by a soft brush.

Another TOTO product is its Standard Height Toilet. This is a basic model, designed to provide minimal-in-load toilet space. It offers two flushing systems: a low water flush and a medium flush. The low water flush features pre-set flushing points, while the high-pressure flush uses a patented valve that activates a high-pressure jet of water. In addition to the standard height, the flushing systems also offer options such as multiple-jet and burst modes.

Another TOTO toilet fixture that is available is its Seat Bidet. The seat is designed to fit flush-able seats, making it easy to clean. The seat has five position adjustments, from which you can choose the position that will be the most comfortable. The seat has three wash bowls: one with a separate compartment for each person, one for regular bodily liquid waste, and one which contains sterile wipes. The seat’s wash bowl is easy to clean, as it features a removable vacuum. TOTO seat fittings also feature a wide range of accessories, ranging from seat cushions and seat blankets to tissue holders.

For its extensive range of TOTO toilet fixtures, one must consider purchasing them from authorized dealers. However, since the company produces high-end, long-lasting products, it is possible to purchase some of its more affordable products from third-party vendors. By purchasing from legitimate sellers of TOTO toilet fixtures, one is ensuring that his investment in these toilets is durable and reliable. In addition, by buying second-hand items from online stores and classified ads, one is able to obtain the aesthetic appeal he desires without having to spend too much. There are many reasons why an individual would choose to install high-end TOTO toilets, including its stylish look and state-of-the-art technology.