Save Water and Energy When Flushing With a TOTO Toilet

TOO ( Toledo Toilet Oven), stylized as TOTO ( Tokyo Toilet Oven), is the largest toilet producer in Japan. It was established in 1917, and produces various derivative products like the Washlet. The name, in combination with the brand name, implies that it is mainly marketed in Japan, but it also has stores overseas. It manufactures both vertical and horizontal models. The vertical type is used more frequently, but TOTO also manufactures the Walk-In Toilet.


The Walk-In Toilet is a common type of toilet used in public bathrooms. It is relatively cheaper than other systems, but the quality is not the best to this end. It is also relatively small in size, but there is a wide range of models to choose from. The best toto toilet seats can offer maximum comfort and ease of handling for the user, and should have adjustable height.

TOTO, in addition to offering numerous toilet seats, also offers a wide range of accessories and extras to use in its toilets. The best toto manufacturers make available a range of undercounter tank solutions, and undercounter tank solutions to fit most common toilets. There are a wide range of soft and hard fixtures, as well as a choice of dual flush and non-dual flush toilets. Soft fixtures are generally preferred, since they reduce the chances of accidental leaks. They are also preferred because they are less expensive than their hard counterparts.

The Ultramax II is another popular type of toto, and like the Ultramax I, comes in various sizes and varieties. Like the Ultramax I, the Ultramax II is also manufactured in many countries around the world, but the company itself only operates in China. This model is the flagship model of TOTO’s self flushing toilet line, and like its predecessors, it offers a superior design and high quality construction. These models have a self pumping mechanism, meaning that air pressure is released in the flushing cycle, preventing water from being squirted out unintentionally. Since it is almost double the size of the Ultramax I, it is also priced somewhat higher, but the Ultramax II is worth every penny that you spend on it.

For those who prefer a more environmentally friendly option, TOTO has introduced the EcoFlush. This toto toilet is slightly larger than the usual size of other toto toilets, it has a slightly larger tank, holding 5 liters of water. It is equipped with a sensor that switches on the flushing of the water when it is empty, thus saving water and energy when flushing your toilet.

If you would like to buy a new toilet and want to try out a Japanese styled one at home, you can also check out Vello or Toilet. They manufacture both toto and japanese toilet models. The Vello EasyFlush is a small japanned jute bag which looks like a baguette, and comes with a mounting base and a lid that can be removed easily.