Toto – A Famous Character From The Wizard of Oz

As one of the characters from the movie, the German Shepherd Toto is an important part of the Oz story. The character is voiced by Chris Cox, and first appeared in the 1994 ABC telefilm The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz. He also appears in the 1996 animated series Oz Kids, in which Dot and Neddie have a puppy named Toto. In a VeggieTales episode called “The Wonderful Wizard of Has”, Toto is replaced by Tutu. In the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Tin Man, Toto is a shape-shifting human.


In the second book of the series, Toto appears alongside Dorothy and her friends. In this film, Toto is the first to recognize Mimics, which are the main villains in the film. In the third book, Toto and the other characters are transported to Harmony Town, an alternate version of Oz. In the movie, Toto is not the only character with a recognizable voice. As a result, Toto is the most popular character in the story.

In the first book, Toto is the only character without any voice. Throughout the series, other animals gain the ability to speak, but Toto remains speechless. Toto reveals her ability to talk in Tik-Tok of Oz, and she speaks continuously in The Lost Princess of Oz. She is the only character in the movie to recognize the Mimics. Among all the characters, Toto is the most famous, and has a strong presence in popular culture.

Toto is a character who is widely known and popular in popular culture. She has been featured in a number of movies and television shows. Her name reflects her importance to many people. Moreover, the popularity of the Toto character has made her one of the most recognizable and well-loved characters in the movie. This includes Disney, which has used Toto in many of their properties. The company is a part of American culture, and has been used in various film and TV productions for over 40 years.

Toto is a famous character in the movie. The Toto character is a recurring character in the film. It is a very important part of the movie. She appears in several sequels. However, she was only in one book. In the fourth book, Toto returns as the only character to appear in a new dimension. Despite being a popular and beloved character, the Toto in the film is an unlikely ‘prophet’.

In addition to being a pivotal character in the movie, Toto also appears in a few other books. In the first book, she does not speak, and other animals gain the ability to speak. She eventually talks in The Tik-Tok of Oz and The Lost Princess of Oz. In The film, she is the only animal to recognize Mimics. This makes her an important character in the film. Its popularity is so widespread that she is a popular role in the world.